Conserva me Domine

psalms, motets and sonatas by B. Marcello, G.B. Martini, A. Sacchini and M. Chiesa

with Terry Wey, countertenor

accompanied by salterio, violoncello, violone, lute, harpsichord and organ


                                                 listen to four excerpts from this programme


Then long eternity shall greet your bliss 

Arias, motets and sonatas by B. Marcello, A. Caldara and G.F. Handel

with Terry Wey, Countertenor

accompanied by dulcimer, violoncello, violone, lute and organ


listen to two longer extracts from this programme (live-recording)


Portus Felicitatis - Haven of Happiness

arias, motets and sinfonias by Johann Georg Reutter junior (1708-1772)

with Monika Mauch, Soprano and Stanislava Jirku, Alto

accompanied by dulcimer, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, violone, lute and organ


listen to three extracts from this programme


Per il Salterio
music by M. Chiesa, C. Monza, A. Conti, B. Pasquini, A. Vivaldi and G.F. Handel
salterio, lute, harpsichord and organ
Strict or Galant
music by J.S. Bach, M. Chiesa, C. Monza, D. Zipoli and B. Marcello
salterio, dulcimer, harp and organ
Bach and Telemann – Defended for their Devotees
chamber music by J.S. Bach, G.Ph. Telemann and S.L. Weiss
dulcimer, viola da gamba, lute and organ