1. Larger formations

a) four excerpts from our new CD with Terry Wey, countertenor

    Conserva me Domine

    Italian sacred music from the eighteenth century with obligato salterio

    by B. Marcello, G.B. Martini, A. Sacchini and M. Chiesa

               Terry Wey, countertenor

Margit Übellacker, salterio

Patrick Sepec, violoncello

Matthias Müller, violone

Michael Freimuth, lute

Loredana Gintoli, harp

Andreas Küppers, harpsichord

Jürgen Banholzer, organ and direction


Benedetto MARCELLO (1686-1739): Salmo VIII, Alto Solo. Domine Dominus noster
Marcello Salmo VIII excerpt.mp3
MP3-Audiodatei [8.6 MB]
Giambattista Martini (ca 1706-1784): Ex tractatu sancti Augustini - excerpt
Martini Motetto excerpt.mp3
MP3-Audiodatei [7.1 MB]
Antonio SACCHINI (1730-1786): Lamentazione Seconda - excerpt
Sacchini Lamentatio excerpt.mp3
MP3-Audiodatei [4.0 MB]
Benedetto MARCELLO (1686-1739):Sonata op. 2, Nr. 3 - excerpt
Marcello Sonata excerpt.mp3
MP3-Audiodatei [3.2 MB]
copy of an 18th century salterio by Christian Fuchs (Frankfurt-Höchst, 2013). This is the instrument played by Margit Übellacker on this CD. Copy of an 18th century salterio by Christian Fuchs (Frankfurt-Höchst, 2013). This is the instrument played by Margit Übellacker on this CD.



b)  two longer excerpts from our programme with Terry Wey, countertenor

    “Then long eternity shall greet your bliss”

      Arias, motets and sonatas by B. Marcello, A. Caldara und G.F. Handel

Terry Wey, countertenor

Margit Übellacker, dulcimer

Felix Knecht, violoncello

Armin Bereuter, violone

Michael Freimuth, theorbo

Jürgen Banholzer, organ and direction


live recording of a concert at the Festival de Musique Ancienne à Leytron (3.11.2012)


in this sequence you can hear the following pieces:


Georg Friedrich HÄNDEL (1685-1756)

Author of Peace 

(Aria from the Oratorio “Saul” HWV 53, London 1738)

Sonata HWV 434

O Lord, whose Mercies numberless
(Aria from the Oratorio “Saul” HWV 53, London 1738)

Then long eternity shall greet your bliss
(Recitative and Aria from the Oratorio “Samson” HWV 57, London 1741)


in this excerpt you can hear


Benedetto MARCELLO (1686-1739)         

Salmo XV, Alto Solo con Violoncello. Conserva me, Domine

(Venedig 1724)



c) excerpts from our Reutter CD: 


motets and arias for the Pantaleon
by Johann Georg Reutter (1708-1772)


Monika Mauch - Soprano

Stanislava Jirku - Alto

Margit Übellacker - dulcimer

Meret Lüthi - violin

Sabine Stoffer - violin

Lucile Chionchini - viola

Felix Knecht - violoncello

Armin Bereuter - violone

Michael Freimuth - theorbo

Jürgen Banholzer - organ and direction


Aria „Venga l’età vetusta“ (from the festa di camera per musica „La magnanimità di Alessandro“, 1729)
REUTTER Venga.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [13.6 MB]
Mottetto de ominibus Sanctis “Justorum animae in manu Dei sunt” (1732)
REUTTER Justorum animae.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [10.9 MB]
Allegro for strings
REUTTER Allegro.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [6.5 MB]



d) excerpts from our Caldara CD


Margit Übellacker – dulcimer

Emilia Gliozzi – violoncello

Michael Freimuth – theorbo

Reinhild Waldek – harp

Armin Bereuter – violone

Arno Schneider – organ 

Jürgen Banholzer – countertenor and direction

more information about our Caldara CD and all other tracks may be found at 


2. Dulcimer and Chest Organ

J.S. BACH (1685-1750) Adagio.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [7.1 MB]
J.S. BACH (1685-1750) Allegro.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [7.9 MB]