You may listen to the various examples collected below to illustrate different aspects of my work. You are also welcome to listen to a 52-minutes radio broadcast which France Musique dedicated to my work:

dulcimer solo
Anonymus, Barcelona 1764, FOLIA.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [14.8 MB]
dulcimer as thorough-bass instrument
Markus Flaig/bariton and Musica Alta Ripa;
G. Ph. Telemann: cantata "Das Manna Deiner Speise"
Rez. Ach ja, hier wird allein. Arie. Hei[...]
MP3-Audiodatei [1.6 MB]
dulcimer solo in the ensemble
Ensemble L'Arpeggiata;
Ciaccona Cazzati.mp3
MP3-Audiodatei [693.7 KB]
dulcimer and fortepiano
Margit Übellacker and Aline Zylberajch
C.P.E. Bach, Allegretto.mp3
MP3-Audiodatei [1.3 MB]
dulcemelos solo
Anonymus. Mi, Mi, Sol, Fa.mp3
MP3-Audiodatei [1.3 MB]
salterio as a thorough-bass instrument
Ensemble Musica Fiorita;
Tarquinio Merula
Merula, Tema e variazioni.Musica Fiorita[...]
MP3-Audiodatei [1.2 MB]