Since 2017 Jürgen Banholzer has been teaching solo singing and vocal chamber music at the International Summer School of Early Music in Valtice (Czech Republic)



Coaching for Early-Music Singers


  • 17th and 18th centuries
  • singing languages: German, English, Italian, French, Latin

Coaching languages: German, English, French


„Nothing better can happen to anyone wanting to permeate music from the 17th and 18th centuries truly, than working on it with Jürgen.“

(Markus Flaig,


„To work with Jürgen Banholzer is truly rewarding. His vast artistic experience and profound musical knowledge as well as his versatility to accompany and transpose on all continuo instruments are extraordinary. His awareness of musical styles, his fantasy and not least his sensibilty to musical quality and to the needs of singers give inestimable stimulus. The fact that Jürgen Banholzer fluently speaks English, French and Italian completes his qualities for working on baroque vocal repertoires.“

(Gabriele Hierdeis,